Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Children of #GAZA


Sweet darling, when all the days
Have deserted you on earth,
And you fly with the angels of heaven
To dance with sleeping satellites,
Will we see you with firelight sunsets?
Will you play ball with our dreams?
So we may skip with your smile
And clutch your toys for the stars.

Our hearts will drown to reach you
When heaven’s angel dust has blessed you,
You leave us today sweet darling
For all the valleys of time.
On earth our eyes shall seek you
To capture your childlike laughter
That echo for all our tomorrows

Sweet baby remember we love you
Take our love and cloak yourself,
For when you face troubled waters
And all has deserted you
It shall armor you like the knights of valor
Today, tomorrow, forever

Dedicated to the children of Gaza who have lost their lives because adults  play dangerous war games.