Sunday, 24 March 2013

I Don't Support The Press Freedom Foundation

Over the last 48 hours, I have had a lot of communication about whether or not I support the Press Freedom Foundation. My position is as follows

I spent many hours supporting, publicising and writing about the work done by Press Freedom Foundation. Indeed, one of the ideas for the Twitter campaign hastag - #bradleymanning was suggested by me. I also wrote the piece Bradley Manning - A Whistleblower Reprisal and had initially had further plans to support their work. 

Over the past week, following a number of queries about the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, one of their board members decided on censoring my viewpoint.  I wrote the matter up here. In summary, I had asked how reliable the Bureau was given the recent libel scandal in the UK concerning Lord McAlpine. This centred around the seriously faulty information supplied by the Bureau.

Following the questions, not only did he censor me, he maligned my ability as a writer and scientist publicly. I am aware that Press Freedom Foundation has attempted contact with me quite late in the day - demanding that I produce my email in a public forum where I had already been subjected to a tirade of hateful material. The experience has caused me to essentially lose my respect for this organisation quite rapidly. It is therefore not an easy task to accede to demands and orders.

There was no consideration for my livelihood, my family or the distress caused to me. The correct way would have been to send my questions to the board for a formal response. I am still unsure why I was subjected to a tirade of comments casting aspersions on my ability. Clearly, it is important for the Foundation to silence small voices they consider irrelevant.

A public apology for the manner in which Mr Cusack behaved will not be forthcoming to rectify the disaster caused. Superstars are always right afterall even if they maybe wrong.

Moreover, every journalist should be aware that if they question or criticise any viewpoint contrary to that of Press Freedom Foundation, steps are taken to reduce your credibility on-line. This is not in line with their motto of transparency and and it does not encourage


In summary, I understand that the Press Freedom Foundation has far more important work to do in the world. Nevertheless, this kind of censorship activity at ground level is not fruitful. It also demonstrates double standards. I find the Press Freedom Foundation lacking in empathy, arrogant, dogmatic, blinkered in its focus, lacking in basic human kindness or consideration. It is clear that I was meant to be taught a lesson by the teachers at a higher plane and admonished for asking a question based on the legitimate media furore in the United Kingdom.

I hope one day they realise that if they cannot manage the basics human empathy, they will never manage to gain the respect of those of us who have the ability to think and stand by our principles.

Cusack and his associates have done what is in their self interest. The rest of us merely have to live by the repercussions of their actions because they are superstars and we are mortals. As mortals, we don't even have the basic right to question superstars. Moreover, there is no accountability for the catastrophic  repercussions and consequences for their failure to control their fiery temper. There is no remedy for those of us who consider their fame, money and trappings irrelevant in the real world. They have often lost what matters most - their ability to see the hurt they cause.

This is the final post I shall be writing on the matter. For me the matter is closed. I will not respond to any further communication on this issue with the public or the media. I hope this post makes my position on this matter clear. I wish the Press Freedom Foundation well in their endeavours.

“How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.” 
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

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