Monday, 25 March 2013

Winter Wonderland at Hillside

In the dead of winter, I was shopping at a local supermarket. I dragged myself outside laden with supermarket bags. I then tripped over a stand for Hillside. I spoke to a gentleman who was raising finances for them. While he spoke to me, I flicked through all their leaflets. Having done so, I poured all my change into his collection bucket. A few weeks later, Hillside were leading an investigation into UK's horse neglect. Anyway, I like the ethics of Hillside Animal Sanctuary. So far everyone I have helped has in turn donated to this charity. This charity is really worth donating to. I think England is becoming quite barbaric towards its animals really. I think something must be done to instil some kindness in this world. Anyway, as the snow is upon us again, I thought I would feature the Winter Wonderland Video - its my favourite. Hope everyone who reads this donates something small to the Sanctuary. Every little will indeed help.