Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Donations. Press Freedom Foundation, Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Following my previous posts concerning my skirmish with John Cusack and the Press Freedom Foundation, I came across some interesting material written by a UK Member of Parliament. As everyone will recall, I asked John Cusack a question on the reliability of journalism originating from the Bureau and the fact that the US public should be made aware of the scandal in the UK. His response was to cite that I did not do my home work alleging that my question was invalid. Everyone can read his response here. I subsequently ceased to support the Press Freedom Foundation

Anyhow, having done my home work, I came across this link.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen has just tabled this Early Day Motion:

"That this House deplores the appalling quality of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s investigation into Lord McAlpine for Newsnight, notes that the former Managing Director of BBC Television, Will Wyatt, described it as ‘completely terrible journalism’, notes that the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has previously criticised Help for Heroes, believes the Bureau of Investigative Journalism is totally discredited as a serious producer of quality journalism, regrets that the investigation has taken attention away from other very serious allegations of child abuse, and calls on the following organisations to cut all ties and refuse to donate any more money to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism: City University, The David and Elaine Potter Foundation, Oxfam, The Green Park Foundation, Stamp Out Poverty, Save the Children and The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust."
The related debate is worth a read here and here. It is also interesting that the Daily Mail had this to say about the credibility of the Bureau of Investigative Journalists.

"Six months after launch, the BIJ was working with The Guardian and other news organisations in preparing the WikiLeaks release of classified American military documents. But in giving an interview to an American magazine, BIJ managing editor Iain Overton leaked 'major details' which, The Guardian said this weekend, 'put the entire project in jeopardy'.   
An investigation of the Help for Heroes charity was also described by its subject as 'misleading'.  
Earlier this year, one of the Bureau's staff confided that the original seed money had almost run out and the BIJ needed to secure new revenue sources. They have even turned to very unlikely benefactors such as Oxfam. But there was an ever greater need to find paid work at relatively wealthy channels such as the BBC"

Anyhow, my question therefore stands - should the public be donating to this organisation? The public can only make an informed decision. They can only do so with this information. Do the US public know about the scandal in the UK? Now, that is the real question isn't it?