Friday, 22 March 2013

The Pink Sky Carpet

The beautiful thing about dawn is the range of colours in the sky. When all is quiet and the world is yet to wake up, there are aspects of the sky that can be captured by the naked eye or a good camera. I love watching the dawn break and the sun set. During these times, nothing else that goes around in the world or your life actually matters in the grand scale of the magic of our universe.

I took up photography recently and it was a nice surprise when the local paper published the above picture in their Gallery of Talented Photographers. The tragedy here is that while every other photographer has expensive cameras and can talk about them, I just have a smartphone camera. For the last two weeks, I have repeatedly been asked about my photography and I sheepishly have to admit that I haven't used a proper camera. The next question I am always asked is - why did I take up photography. Well, I actually wanted to remind myself of how beautiful our world is. I felt that  the complexity of modern society  pulls us down. In search for financial progress, we lose ourselves and our link to the world.

This was an experiment in my relationship with nature. I wanted to belong to the world as opposed to feeling dissociated from it. My theory is that we are born as part of nature or the universe. Urban life though moves so fast that we become dissociated from the world. I don't think human beings are really meant to be able to deal with the trials and tribulations of modern life - with all its technology, its great expectations and its pressures. Modern society is probably an abnormal environment and we are all expected to deal with it as if we are perfect creatures. At least that is the way everyone around us behave.

Part of my journey to find the world is really through my adventures in photography. I have been able to understand many aspects of nature through it. Here is my Facebook page.
NB With thanks to my local paper for encouraging me.