Friday, 22 March 2013

Google Love

I have always loved Google. There are a number of reasons for my unconditional love. Firstly, because of them, I have been able to write my ideas and thoughts on the internet. They are always reliable and I love their silly quirky artwork on the search engine. My only regret is that I never did get to marry a tech from Googleplex but I always live in hope :). Most women dream of marrying actors, rock stars etc. I just dream of marrying a Google tech :) :). Then, I have always had this soft spot for intelligent geeks. 

Google went up in my estimations following their performance in India. India is known for its net censorship. The Hindustan Times describe's Google's performance. Read it here . This is what Google had to say 
"We cannot censor the Web. We cannot censor the ability of people to express themselves around the world," Arora told a news channel on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum at Davos. 
"You are asking not just censor the Web in India, you are asking to censor the entire world wide web. The Web has no borders. 
"I think the idea of censoring everything and pre- clearing everything is going to fundamentally, sort of, taint the growth of the Indian economy in India and vis-a-vis the world," he added.
So bravo to Google for standing up against regimes who attempt to censor free speech. So everyone finally understands why I love Google unconditionally.